Starhotels Splendid Venice

Welcome to the Queen of Adriatic - a city that has attracted the world's attention due to its scenic canals and beautiful architecture. Apparently, it is the romance capital of the world. And inside this city, you will find the equally romantic hotel - The Starhotels Splendid Venice. Welcome to the City of Venice and its delights.

The Splendid Venice is near the world famous attractions such as the San Marco Square and its bustling activity. Stay here and experience why Venice is so romanticized.

Accommodation at the hotel is divided into;

The minimum amenities that you should expect to find in this hotel include;

For your dining needs, visit the Le Maschere Restaurant for tasty Venetian delicacies. The restaurant serves classic Venetian dishes with some contemporary twist. You can also go to the Lounge Bar for cocktails and Venetian wines. If you want some private dining, then you are welcomed to the Room of Mirrors for your best dining experience yet.

Additional services offered to the guests of the hotel include;

Note that pets are welcome at the hotel.

Popular holiday activities at and around the hotel include; fine dining, shopping, sightseeing, photography, hiking around the famous sights, visiting museums and galleries, nightclubbing and many more.

Make a reservation at the Splendid Venice and get some bragging rights among your peers. You can also click here to see what other travellers are saying about the hotel on Trip Advisor.

by Kennedy Runo on 12/10/2014 in Hotels