Susan and the InStyle Vacations Team deals with great fairness, integrity and respect!

Gianni Bragagnolo
Vice President, Europe
Thomas Cook Canada/Sunquest, ALBATours

Susan Cianfarani started in the Travel Industry as Junior Sales and Marketing at Albatours in 1984.

Today I’m very proud to see Susan as President of InStyle Vacation: one of the best travel organization in Canada, providing great and unique travel arrangements to a large clientele.
It's been a great pleasure to work for many years with Susan Cianfarani, and her Team of true professionals.
Thomas Cook and InStyle have built a lasting and professional relationship through the years based on trust and fairness.
Since the Albatours days Susan, has always demonstrated outstanding professionalism, integrity and respect for her colleagues, suppliers and customers.
Susan and the InStyle Vacations Team always put the client first and they always deal with great fairness, integrity and respect.
I don’t have any doubts that InStyle Vacation will continue to grow and will continue to provide the best product and service possible to all their clients.
Wishing Susan and the InStyle Team, a great future full of accomplishments and growth with a new trend in Travel.

Hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly!

Racquel Queensborough
Business Development Manager
Jamaica Tourist Board

I have worked with the staff of InStyle Vacations from the start and have never been disappointed. They are hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly. They take the time to know their clients needs and with the relationships they have with their suppliers, they can make a lot of things happen.