Take a trip to the Haunted Rose Hall Great House in Jamaica

There is an eerie feel to the air. Suddenly, goose bumps form at the back of your neck and you start to wonder whether this trip was not ill-advised. You look at your lover's face and he seems unperturbed. You start reliving the stories you heard about this place from the taxi driver who picked you up at the airport.

Local folklore tells stories of a witch called Annie Palmer who occupied the Rose Hall from 1820. She was a bitter French Woman who was promiscuous and evil. She had killed her three husbands by poison, stabbing and pouring hot oil into their ears and strangling them. Rumor has it that she was a black magic practitioner and practiced her dark trade on her slaves by enticing them to sleep with her and once she was bored, she would kill them. As fate would have it, she was killed on her bed by these same slaves. Unfortunately, when they buried her, they did not complete the ritual of binding her in the worlds beyond. She escaped and to this day, she keeps haunting the occupants of her house. Strange things have been known to happen such as distorted images on pictures taken at the house as well as fruits picked at the farm turning into bugs. It is said that nobody slept in the house the whole night and lived to tell the story. Perhaps it is because of this story you are afraid to use the house as your wedding venue.

The apprehension you feel about the place is showing on your face. 'Perhaps I should be more like my beau', you think. He is not as superstitious as you are. You had agreed to have your wedding at the spookie Rose Hall Great House and then honeymoon in Montego Bay. However, as you look around, you start relaxing. After all, the place looks like it was built for the gods. It looks like the ultimate wedding video backdrop. You smile at him - as if to thank him for thinking of everything. You quickly forget about the ghost stories as you venture more into the building's interior.

That is the experience most people get when they visit the spookie Rose Hall Great House for the first time. It is mysterious yet beautiful. The house is situated on a vast sugar plantation. It boasts ornamented chandeliers, European antique furniture, Georgian architectural designs, a bar and a restaurant. It is one of the most popular tourists’ attractions in Montego Bay.

The ghost haunted house has beautifully manicured gardens. It is surrounded by palm trees, leafy shrubs and rolling hills. As if to add to its mystery, it has a wooded backyard. The wind from the mountains makes the palm trees whistle softly as the birds in the woods join-in to harmonize the chorus.

Ghosts and spirits and legends apart, this is one of the best places in Jamaica to have a wedding. Hopefully the ghost of Annie Palmer will keep vigil of your marital vows. Maybe the goddesses of love will give you children galore and sustain your marriage through the rocky waters of marriage. Alas! You might even capture the ghost of Annie Palmer on your wedding video...

by Kennedy Runo on 04/17/2015 in Awesome Travel Stuff