The 5 Best Roof top Bars in LA

The city of Angels, or, Los Angeles for those who call Spanish their mother tongue, is the largest city in California and the second largest in United States after New York. Amazingly, it is also home to Hollywood, the biggest and most popular movie making district in the world.

Californians love their libation. In fact, apart from maybe Las Vegas, there is no other place in the world where you will find as many merrymakers as in LA. If you ever find yourself in the city, check out the following roof top bars - this might be the highlight of your trip there.

1. Petit Ermitage

Located on Boho-Chic Hotel's rooftop, Petite Ermitage is a lover's bar. You will get to sample love portions such as French 75, Infante, rose water and nutmeg, spiked elixir among others. The Garden on the rooftop is recognized as a butterfly sanctuary by National Wildlife Federation. What more, the bar is nestled in a residential area in West Hollywood. Do not be surprised if you meet a Hollywood celebrity having a quiet evening here.

2. Perch

This is a French-inspired bistro and cocktail bar that offers its patrons a 360 degrees view of Los Angeles. It is located on top of an old art building. It features two fireplaces on the lounge as well as live jazz music on the patio during summers.

3. Red Lion Tavern

Located in Silver Lake, this German bar serves traditional German food and beers. It is popular for its cheap meals and beers. The dress code here is flexible. It is the best place for the free souls to experience the Los Angeles Night Life. It takes you back to Pre-Second World War Era Germany.

4. Thompson Beverly Hills

If you want to mingle with the high and might from Hollywood, this is the bar to spend your evening. Expect to see beautiful ladies having a quiet evening as they watch the surrounding city and after-work crowd drinking their happy martinis heartily.

5. Skybar

Featuring a Mexican-style oasis of flowering walls and gorgeous nooks, Skybar is one of the few bars on the rooftop where people actually jump into the pool after an evening of merrymaking. The Modrian's Skybar boasts a sunset strip entryway fit for royalty. It is one of those bars you wish was in your neighborhood and could haunt on a daily basis.

The list above is just a scratch on the surface. As aforementioned, Los Angeles is a city with a fun loving crowd and there will be a rooftop bar every two blocks. Get in and enjoy the pleasures of LA...perhaps this will be the highlight of your bucket list.

by Kennedy Runo on 01/06/2014 in Nightlife