The best pizza places in Messina

Messina is the largest city and capital of the Italian province of Messina, and it is also the third largest city in Sicily. It is nestled on the northeast corner of Sicily, along the Straits of Messina.

The city has grown popular due to wine production and cultivation of citrus fruits such as lemons, orange, mandarin oranges and olives. Due to its wine production, it has also grown its gastronomy sector to become one of the best in Italy.

Whenever in the city on business or tour, get to the following pizza joints and enjoy some of the best pizzas in the world.

1. Al Gattopardo - This restaurant is at the top of the pizza market in Messina. It is open till late night, can deliver you pizza to your doorstep, and you can make a reservation if you want to treat somebody specially. The pizza served here is one of the most delicious in Sicily.

2. Pizza Sprint di Costa Carmelo - This is a pizza and pasta joint that strictly delivers the pizzas ordered to the customer's doorstep in time. If you are looking for efficiency and timeliness, make an order to this restaurant and get value for your money.

3. Al 17 Pizza Club - This is a chic pizza place that makes you feel at home while having their delicious pizza. It is the sort of place you would go to have a quiet meal before heading out for an evening class.

4. Alfio's Pizza e Pasta - Come to think of it, you are going to need somewhere you can go and have your giant pizza without curious eyes wondering why you are eating such a big pizza. Alfio's Pizza e Pasta is the place to do such a thing. The gourmet pizza served here will turn you into a pizza addict.

5. La Casa Della Pizza - Located on the Via Garibaldi, this restaurant will turn you into a gourmet diner. You will no longer go to a fast-food restaurant after sampling the pizza served at La Casa Della Pizza.

Messina is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, although this fact is never advertised. You will have the best time in the world eating pizza and sightseeing the marvels of the city.

by Kennedy Runo on 02/27/2014 in Dining