The top 10 Places in the world to host a Bro-Cation: Our top choices for a boys weekend out.

So "boys just wanna have fun right?" we get it, it's the time for the guys to kick back and relax and have their personal time with themselves and their boys. We are here to help; here are some of the best destinations you can consider for your next romp with the guys.













1. Las Vegas

The 'holy grail' of a boy's vacation experience, Las Vegas is still the top destination for your choice of hanging with the guys. Let's face it, Vegas has a ton of things to do and sometimes you just don't know where to start. From ultimate pool parties to concerts to the world's best cuisine, Las Vegas has redefined entertainment.



2. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

When it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, opposite-seasoned (and always ultra-sensual) Rio makes for an especially magnetic stag party destination. The women of Brazil need no introduction -- this is the land that gave the world Gisele Bündchen and Adriana Lima.



3. Miami

Even while packing I am sure the sound of Will Smith's "Welcome to Miami" is pumping through your brain, and he is right. The allure and excitement of Miami is still evident . With its awesome oceanfront views, amazing food and 24-hour club scene, Miami’s South Beach has all the fixings of a great bro-cation. Of course the incredible bounty of multinational bikini-clad babes doesn’t hurt either, nor does the easy access to some of the country’s best sports action.



4. The Caribbean

If the beach is what you want or the choice of doing the tons of Watersports activites? the Caribbean is where you need to go. There are so many hotel options that offer the choice to do everything or absolutely nothing with your buddies.



5. Aspen

Not all guys are into the heat, some like it just a little cooler. Aspen is that and so much more, with it's  slew of extreme sports including skiing down the slopes of glacial mountain tops or paragliding and even hiking. With seminars at the Man Camp on ninjutsu, hunting, Harley riding, race-car driving, weight training, and archery, there isn't an activity here that isn't quintessentially a "guy's activity."



6. Indiana, Indianapolis 500

Men and their metal is like women and their shoes, come on what better way to spend time with the guys than going on an adventure of driving like the pros do. Take the guys and rent an RV to park out on the infield. Sure, the bleachers may give you a better view, but this is more party than sporting event. Plus, you'll have a 42"-plasma screen in that RV to watch the highlights later on.



7. Scotland - Golf Destination

The perfect golf destination in the world. You and your buddies can take a day or your entire weekend and choose from any of the hundreds of courses and relax and immerse yourself in this popular sport.



8. Mardi Gras - New Orleans

So you and your friends want a never ending party, or at least one that lasts a very long time. Luckily, there's a week-long party called Mardi Gras right before the soul-cleansing begins. Nowhere else in the United States does it better than the city of New Orleans; so go ahead, live it up for a week so you can be an upstanding citizen for the next five.



9. Grand Canyon - Bike Ride

While most people take in the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon from the comfort of hotels and visitors centers, real men need something more. Specifically, men need something like a 5-day, 145-mile mountain-bike excursion along the northern rim.



10. Mexico

You name it, there is so many things to do. Over the border and find magnificent ins and outs where you can go fishing, yes fishing, bring a bottle of tequila on your next fishing trip and who knows what may happen.


So call up the boys and book your vacation to any of these cool spots, you will be glad you did.

by Susan Barone on 10/09/2013 in Hotels