The Top Beach Destinations in Thailand

The best parts to hit the beach in Thailand.

Not all beaches are created equally, most especially in Thailand.

Through all of the good choices have white sands, calm waters and an offering of the best experience ever, it all boils down to what type of vacation you want to have.  

Of the many beach choices in Thailand though, which are the most regarded must-visits?

Phuket is an international resort destination, and it is Thailand’s largest island offering a lot of interesting choices for every beach bum.  Popular beach destinations in this island are Patong Beach and Kata Beach.

The mainland province of which Phuket lies is Krabi, wherein the quiet and Sporty Railey Bay is a top destination.

Located at the South, the Phi Phi Islands are a short walking distance from Phuket.  A perfect beach destination here would be Maya Bay because of its spectacular view, highlighted by its high cliffs and a beautiful lagoon.

Pattaya is known for quick weekends from the city.  A mere two hours from Bangkok, the best destinations in Pattaya include the Pattaya Beach, Jomtien and Naklau, which is particularly popular due to its peace and quiet atmosphere.

Popular with backpackers, some interesting must-visit sites here are Kho Samet, which is loved for its laid-back way and Koh Chang for a restful long weekend destination.

Whatever your choice is, make the most of your beach experience when in Thailand!  

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