The Wadden Sea

In 2009, the Wadden Sea Conservation area was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The listed property sits on a 982004 hectares piece of land. The conservation area is spread between Germany and Netherlands. The German part is known as the German Wadden Sea National Parks of Lower Saxony and Schleswig Holstein while the Dutch side is called Dutch Wadden Sea Conservation Area.

The conservation area is a relatively flat coastal wetland that features temperate climate. It was formed by intricate interactions between biological and physical factors. The interactions would give rise to a multitude of habitats. These habitats include sea grass meadows, tidal channels, salt marshes, beaches, estuaries dunes, mussel beds, sandy shoals, mudflats and sand bars.

The part that has been inscribed represents about 66% of the whole Wadden Sea. It also happens to be home to a number of plant and animal species.

The marine mammals that you are going to find in this ecosystem include the Harbor seal, harbor porpoise, and grey seal. The eco-region is also a breeding and wintering area for 12 million birds every year. Of the 12 million birds which are made up by 29 species, 10 percent are endemic to the region.

The site is the last remaining natural and large scale intertidal ecosystem where natural processes continue to function in an undisturbed manner.

For those of you who love nature, this ecosystem is one of the best to do some serious bird watching. It also happens to be a great place to watch the marine mammals. If you have the heart to dive in temperate waters, then you are welcome to try. The fact that the ecosystem spreads from Netherlands all the way to Germany gives you a lot of space in which you will get a chance to view natural processes as they occur.

Of course a destination such as this will cost you quite a fortune, but the sights you get to enjoy more than makes up for the cost. The destination is best visited in groups so that you can share the cost of hiring a boat and a tour guide.

by Kennedy Runo on 05/23/2014 in Sightseeing