Three Local Restaurants You Must Check Out in Antigua and Barbuda

Welcome to Antigua and Barbuda and experience authentic French hospitality in the heart of the Caribbean. It would seem the islanders has one up on the French since they have allowed culinary influence from their surrounding neighbors. Their food is rich, tasty and classy. Check out the country's top restaurant below.

1. Le Bistro

The restaurant is located in Hodges Bay, north of St John’s. The cuisine served here is predominantly French, with some influences from the Caribbean. Its signature dishes include bouillabaisse of Caribbean fish and smoked marlin carpaccio with fresh herbs and lime.

2. Harmony Hall

I have 'Googled' my brain and have come up with no restaurant that compares with Harmony Hall in terms of views. It overlooks the scenic Nonsuch Bay and it is surrounded by tropical gardens. It sits pretty next to a newly restored stone windmill. The restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

3. Catherine's Cafe Plage

This restaurant is set on the edge of Pigeon Point Beach. It serves French fare with delicacies such as lobster cakes, tartiflette and snapper papillote.

Once more, welcome to Antigua and Barbuda. It will be merrymaking through and through.

by Kennedy Runo on 01/08/2015 in Dining