Three Local Restaurants You Must Check Out in U.S Virgin Islands

Mexican food is among the world's most popular cuisines. In places like America however, it can be difficult to find truly authentic Mexican food. Despite the countless number of Mexican restaurants in America and around the world, the only place to find genuine Mexican food is Mexico.

When people travel internationally, they typically want to experience a taste of the local cuisine. But since most people travel on at least some kind of a budget, they often times don't want to spend outrageous amounts of money doing it. Check out the top three restaurants in Mexico, that also happens to serve food at discounted rates.

1. Tostadas de Coyoacan

This is located in the heart of the Mexico City's Coyoacan Market and serves up some of the tastiest deep fried tostadas. They are made with corn tortillas and filled with delicious things like shrimp, chicken, crab salad, and pork.

2. El Caguamo

If you are in the mood for fresh seafood, El Caguamo is arguably the best place in Mexico City to find it. This simple little sidewalk shed serves fantastic shrimp cocktails, ceviches, and deep fried fish fillets.

3. El Heuquito

And if you are just looking for a great tasting authentic Mexican taco then El Heuquito is the place to go. Located in the city's "old center", El Huequito - which is Spanish for "little hole in the wall" - serves mouth-watering filled with a variety of grilled, marinated meats and just about any Mexican topping you can think of.

The Mexican cuisine is something you would want to sample before you kick the bucket. The above list is just a pointer. Make it your mission to sample as many variations of the delicacy as you can. Welcome to Mexico!

by Kennedy Runo on 01/09/2015 in Dining