Tips for women visiting Moroco

They say that when in Rome, do as the Romans. Apply this during your trip in Morocco and you will make lifetime friends. Fail to take heed and yours will be a terrible vacation...especially if you are a woman.

Morocco is an Arab and Islamic country. As a woman, there those things expected of you. And yes, I know you come from the West where women have been "free" for more than a century now. But don't you think the word free is relative? Don't you think your idea of free might be different from another person's? Below are tips that will go a long way in helping you enjoy your vacation in Morocco:

1. Lose the short skirt and the sleeveless tops. Modest dressing is paramount here.

2. Leave large crowds to men. You don't want to be a victim of 'men behaving badly'.

3. You will be excused for your 'not so thoughtful' dressing and mannerisms, but only because you are a tourist. Don't abuse this privilege.

4. The Holy Month of Ramadan is special. If you are in Morocco during this time, respect their religion. Don't go eating out on the streets while others are fasting.

5. Invited to a Moroccan home? Good for you. You have made friends fast. Carry a gift. This is a customary gesture.

6. Oh...and remove your shoes before entering a Moroccan home.

7. People will not ask for it, but tipping is highly appreciated. The more generous, the better.

8. If you are not a Muslim, forget entering the mosque in Morocco. This goes for men too.

9. The general perception in Morocco is that only prostitutes smoke and drink alcohol.

10. Women still wear a veil in the villages...It is better you put one too.

11. The streets are a male domain. Perhaps you will need a male friend on the streets...especially in the smaller towns.

12. Public display of affection is yet to be accepted in the rural areas. So if you are tempted to kiss your hubby on the street, hold it till you are in the privacy of your room.

13. Just as the streets are men domain, Moroccan homes are women domain. It might be harder to meet and make friends with Moroccan women as most of them will meet you in their homes, not in cafes and bars.

Morocco is one of the most travel-friendly countries in the Islamic world. Despite the prejudices here and there, you will have lots of fun visiting this country.

by Kennedy Runo on 03/04/2015 in Before your trip