New Zealand is Adventure

New Zealand is the most beautiful country on the southern hemisphere. It features some scenic beaches, vast forests, lakes and mountains. There is no way you will go to New Zealand and fail to experience an adventure of some sorts. If you are serious about going on a tour to New Zealand, perhaps you should try to focus on the following top rated safari adventures.

1. Bungy Jumping at Queenstown

Suspended with ropes and cords from a bridge, you will hurtle down on speeds you are not used to. Thinking back about this experience you will know how crazy you were to attempt it...what if the cords broke down? What if they were not fastened properly? Yeah, there are many 'what ifs', but this is what makes the experience even more enjoyable.

2. Sky Diving

Why people throw themselves from a plane that is gliding at 12,000 feet above ground is still a wonder to those who have never attempted it. Here is your chance to have this experience. From the resort town of Queenstown, you will board a plane or a helicopter and when it has achieved the correct altitude, you will jump off. By the time you reach the ground you will have either peed your pants out of fright or experienced a new high - not even cocaine can get you this high.

3. Heli-skiing

Here, the helicopter takes you to skiing field up into the mountains and let you down. From here, you will ski down the slope to the ski villages on the foot of mountains. Queenstown is the most popular skiing destination in New Zealand. It features multiple ski fields.

4. Canyon Swinging

You are strapped to a harness and then let go across a swing platform on a deep canyon. Trust me; this is one of the most interesting things to do on a tour. Since I am yet to experience, let's meet in New Zealand and see whose guts are made of steel.

5. Paragliding

Paragliding, bungy jumping, and zorbing are some of the adventure experiences that have been invented in New Zealand. Paragliding is a relaxing experience that will be a good top up for your adventure experience in New Zealand.

There you have it - the safari adventure capital of the world, the republic of New Zealand. Make sure you have a good budget - some of this experiences do not come cheap...they are however more than worth the money you spend to experience them.


by Kennedy Runo on 03/10/2014 in Outdoor Activities