Top Adventure attractions in Tasmania

Tasmania is part of the Commonwealth of Australia and is separated from the continental Australia by the Bass Straits. Tasmania is one of the adventure-friendly tourist destinations as almost 45% of the island lies in reserves, national parks and World Heritage Sites. Below are the top adventure destinations in the island.

1. Cataract Gorge

Located at the lower section of the South Esk River in Launceston, northern Tasmania, Cataract Gorge is a river gorge that attracts tourists in their numbers to see the majestic river do its magic. Trust me; this destination will remind you why taking care of environment is so important.

2. Tamar Valley

The picture perfect valley bestrides the Tamar River, stretching from the northwest of Launceston city all the way to the Pacific Coast. With over 20 vineyards, tourists follow the Tamar Wine route when exploring the city. Notable winery in the valley is Tamar Ridge Wines where you will get to sample wines made from pinot noir and chardonnay grapes.

3. Freycinet National Park

If you ask me to choose one location that I must visit before I die, I will tell you 'Freycinet National Park'. I would love to hike on the jagged granite peaks locally known as 'The Hazards'. I would also love to see the animals that reside in this park such as the Tasmanian Devil, Little Pygmy Possum, Echidna, Wombats, New Holland Mouse, Swamp rat, Water rat, Tasmanian Bettong and the Long-nosed Potoroo. I would also love to have the rare chance to see the famous Southern Right Whale, Humpback Whale, and Bottlenose Dolphins that are found in the waters surrounding the park!

4. Tasmanian Wilderness

This is an expansive ecosystem and conservation area where you will get a chance to live in the wild. With an area of 15,800 km² (or 20% of the total area of Tasmania), Tasmanian Wilderness is a place you will fall in love with and want to stay forever.

5. Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

To completely quench your exploration thirst, maybe you should try hiking in this beautiful park that is formed within the boundaries of Franklin River and Gordon River.

Tasmania is largely a wild island. Apart from a few urban centers here and there, the government of Australia has deliberately kept Tasmania wild in order to attract adventure-hungry tourists.

by Kennedy Runo on 03/07/2014 in Outdoor Activities