Top Things to Do at the NYC Central Park

The NYC Central Park is the best place in the city for relaxation and recreation plays. 

From the Central Park Conservatory Garden, house lakes and wildlife sanctuary to ponds, ice-skating rinks and walking pathways, this park provides a laid-back and healthy lifestyle for stressed-out locals and travelers alike. 
Read on to learn about the top things that you could do in the NYC Central Park.
1. Walking Tour
You may be of the view that the Central Park is too huge to walk around on your own. If you’re afraid to get lost, then you can avail of ten various walking tours, which usually last more than an hour, offered at no cost by the Central Park Conservancy. 
2. Fishing
If you’re visiting in the summer, you could head straight to the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center to borrow a fishing rod and bait, and participate in the park’s Catch-and-Release Fishing program. 
3. Boating
Lastly, you could rent a boat, which could carry up to four passengers, at the Loeb Boathouse for $10 an hour, and boat around the Lake. Aside from this, you could also book in advance for the more private and romantic Gondola rides, which cost $30 per 30 minutes. 
There are other suggested activities in the NYC Central Park, examples of which are participating in the Harlem Meer Social Hour, playing softball and baseball and joining a chess match at the Chess & Checkers House, but overall, the abovementioned activities are the top things to do in the park. 

Start planning your next tour today!

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by Blogger002 on 06/23/2012 in Rest & Relaxation