Top Tourist Attractions in Versailles

The village of Versailles is a small wealthy neighborhood located about 20 kilometers southwest of the French capital, Paris. The most prominent feature in the city is the Palace of Versailles constructed for the Louis XIV and a symbol of the system of absolute monarchy in France. Below are a few tourists attractions that you would love to see in Versailles.

1. Tennis Court Oath

This was an emblem in the most popular French political event - the French Revolution. It was signed 576 of the 577 members from the Third Estate that were locked out of the meeting of the Estates-General on 14 June 1789.

2. Gardens of Versailles

This is an 800-hectares garden that features some of the best European landscaping exploits as well as classic French Garden style. If you love the outdoors or a photography buff, this is the best place to do either. Apparently, it is a popular romance spot among the residents of Versailles.

3. Hall of Mirrors

This is part of the central gallery of the Palace of Versailles in Versailles and the most emblematic signature of the ostentation associated with the famous French King Louis XIV. The mirrors were used to illuminate the halls of the palace with candle lights.

4. Grand Trianon

This is part of the northwestern domain of the Palace of Versailles where the king would take some time off from his busy schedule and entertain his mistresses or guests. It was also a place where light meals could be taken without observing the strict etiquette of the court.

5. Chapels of Versailles

If you love religious history, then there is no better place to learn it than in a king's own chapel. Visiting this chapel was part of the court's routine and is home to some of the most informing religious monuments. While at it, why don't say a prayer where the kings prayed for the French kingdom?

The neighborhood of Versailles represents the French aristocracy at its best. It is the place you feel the French romance and fashion amalgamate into class and royalty. This is one place any tourist in France should not miss.

by Kennedy Runo on 02/10/2014 in Sightseeing