Touring Dublin: Top things to see on a leisure vacation

While the city has a perfect blend of intriguing architecture, culture, entertainment, food, and celebrities, navigating your way through the hustle and bustle can prove to be chaotic if you don't already have a plan in mind. There are many well-known attractions in Dublin, such as St Patrick's Cathedral and Malahide Castle, but don't overlook some of the best tour options for leisurely sightseeing.

As it was founded in the year 841, Dublin was once home to Vikings before they were overthrown by the Danes. The city again passed hands to the English in the early 12th century, thanks to King Henry II. It wasn't until the 17th century when Dublin was ruled by Oliver Cromwell and experienced exponential growth and development. In 1922, the War of Independence took a great turn and awarded freedom to Ireland. It is this rich history that's responsible for nurturing Dublin into the compelling and interesting place we know today.


Top leisure attractions:

Butlers Chocolate Experience
This guided tour takes you through the factory where you'll discover the art of creating some of the world's finest chocolate.

Dalkey Castle & Heritage Centre
A trip into the 14th century era entertains and educates you with with costumed actors and interactive experiences.

Dublin Zoo
Over 600 animals, including some of the most rare and exotic, make Dublin Zoo the #1 tourist attraction in Ireland.

Immerse yourself into history and the life of the viking in this medieval city tour, including a visit on a viking warship.

Dublin Castle
View the stunning state apartments and explore the castle's former military fortress and prison.

The Merrion

After a long day of Dublin expedition, you'll be grateful to settle in at one of the city's top award-winning hotels -The Merrion - which provides a spa, luxury accommodations, and delicious meals.

by Colleen Ludgate on 12/20/2013 in Sightseeing