Uncover the History Behind Turks and Caicos

'Beautiful By Nature' is the screaming motto of the Turks and Caicos Islands, also fondly known as TCI. The twin islands are nestled southeast of Mayaguana in the larger Bahamas archipelago.

The name 'Turk' is derived from the local cactus, the Turk's-cap cactus (read Melocactus communis if you love Latin). The name 'Caicos' is derived from the Lucayan word for a string of islands, caya hico.

The islands were the ancestral home of the Tainos before the arrival of one Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León in 1512. Later, they would be captured and become slave laborers in the plantations.

The island boasts some marine tropical climate. It is warm. It is sunny. And it is one of the most welcoming destinations you will vacation in your lifetime.

by Kennedy Runo on 01/02/2015 in Before your trip