Video: Cruising through Bluespring Caverns

Lawrence County boasts of an excellent travel attraction for people who are in search of a completely different form of adventure, and it is known as a cave system called Bluespring Caverns. With 34 kilometers of assessed passageways, this Indiana natural wonder is known to be the longest subterranean river in the country, though less than five kilometers are only navigable inside.

From crayfish and blind fish species to mud walls, you’ll definitely make a worthy trip to Bluespring Caverns. Learn more about this in a clip prepared by Smithville. The travel attraction’s official website further shares,

Tour guides pilot custom tour boats along the course of a subterranean river for over a mile, pointing out native rare blind fish and crayfish in their natural setting and explaining the natural forces that are yet at work creating great chambers below the rolling hills.

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by Blogger002 on 08/20/2012 in Escorted or Guided Tour