Video: The Traveler in the City of Romans and City of Jumps

One of the things that you can’t miss in the capital of Taiwan is the Taipei Metro or the MRT. This rapid transit system helps you get around Taipei and meet more than a million other people, most of which are locals.

And as what you can see in Kowei’s video, you should also check out the Museum of Contemporary Art, where you will see a plethora of modern art works and the country’s first ever contemporary art museum for merely NT$50.

The uploader of the clip further shares,

Travel and make the world your home; shop and be surrounded by pleasant surprises; let invigorating vitality overflow in abundance. In Taipei, fun is always just around the corner. Come relax and enjoy yourself this weekend.

So communicate with our travel reps now and start planning for your next holiday trip to Taipei!

by Blogger002 on 10/30/2012 in Transportation