Video: Travels to the Edge – Paddling through Kongakut River, Alaska

Located in the American North Slope Borough, the Kongakut River has been braved by many travelers just so they could take a look at the wildest and biggest national wildlife refuge in the country.

Rafting through this river will eventually allow you to take witness to a plethora of animals, such as the porcupine caribou to be found between the Arctic Ocean and Brooks Range, as well as an abundance of flora like the wildflower-covered tundra down the Kongakut valley.

Get a better view of how you could travel to the edge as you paddle through Kongakut River in Alaska by watching this teaser uploaded by Sean F. White as he further:

--rafts down the icy Kongakut River to document America's last pure and untamed wilderness. He chronicles the desolate, yet abundant beauty of the tundra and the rugged landscapes of the Brooks Range. He turns his lens on the delicate birds and animals for which the Refuge is a vital habitat and intersects the great Porcupine caribou herd on its annual migration to the coastal plain.

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by Blogger002 on 12/08/2012 in Outdoor Activities