Walk in the Footsteps of Doctor Who on a Doctor Who Cardiff Walking Tour

If you are a fan of the Dr, Who series, head over to Cardiff, Wales and take the Doctor Who Cardiff Walking Tour. This tour is the ultimate fan-boy journey into the science fiction themed Dr. Who television show which is filmed in Cardiff. ON your tour you will visit   filming locations around Cardiff, including the HQ of Adipose Industries.

The Doctor Who Cadiff Walking Tour includes highlights such as the Boomtown mayor's office, the location where Donna Noble nearly got married, the HQ of Adipose industries, Earth Hospital, Torchwood Hub, and many more filming locations around the city. You knowledgeable guide is a Dr. Who expert and will be able to provide informative commentary as well as answer questions along the way.

If Dr. Who is one of your favorite television shows, join the Doctor Who Cardiff Walking Tour.

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by Blogger007 on 06/25/2013 in Sightseeing