Sandals Whitehouse

The Sandals Whitehouse is a luxury resort located on the banks of the Caribbean Sea in Jamaica. It is flanked by turquoise crystal clear Caribbean Sea waters, white sand beaches that are decorated by lush green palm trees and landscaped gardens that showcase the creativity of its designers. The resort is made up of 3 European villages - Italian, French and Dutch.

The Resort is Jamaica's all beach front resort and stretches over a 2 mile beach with the enchanting views of the sunrise and sunset. The property boasts over 80 beach front accommodations, all of which offers the sweeping views of the beach. The accommodations are calibrated according to the needs of the different guests that visit the resort. They include;

Each of the rooms is fitted with the highest level of amenities. They are luxuriously furnished and the beddings are completely made of linens. This is your chance to get pampered with services available only for the rich and famous.

For your dining needs, you will have 7 different restaurants to choose from. For some Italian fine dining, you are well advised to try the Giuseppe's. From pasta to pizza, this restaurant will take your taste buds on a whirlwind tour of Italian delicacies. Make sure you get to sample the restaurant's signature dishes such as Tortellini in Brodo (cheese tortellini in white wine beef broth), Lasagna Bolognese (lasagna with meat sauce), and Risotto al Pollo (risotto with chicken, tomato & balsamic vinegar).

Another popular eatery in the Sandals Whitehouse Resort is the Jasmines. This restaurant has carved a name for itself serving Asian cuisines such as Jasmine's Sushi Sampler, Thai Fritters, Cantonese Sweet and Sour Pork and Sea Food Thai Gaeng Kiaw Wan.

Not to be outdone is the Cafe de Paris that takes you all the way to French Capital Paris with its distinctly Parisian delicacies such as Choux Ala Créme, White Chocolate Éclair and Baked Meringue with Chocolate.

Other eateries that worth your visit include; Eleanors, Bayside, Blue Fields and Neptunes.

If you love engaging in sporting activities, then you could not choose a better vacation destination. Recreational activities at this resort are divided into 5 categories as follows:

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by Kennedy Runo on 07/01/2014 in Hotels