World's Top 10 Luxury Destinations

It’s important to open your mind when thinking about a luxury vacation. While we may be familiar with the extravagance of a 5-star resort in a tropical paradise, zoning in on that one area will blind you to the wondrous options that are available to you in the least likely of places. These “hidden gems” are often able to grant you a wider array of service due to the reduced number of guests at any given time.

Too many people associate luxury travel with high class hotels and elaborate resorts without realizing there is a much wider range of choices out there. The fact is, places like Africa and United Arab Emirates would have never been considered luxury destinations a few short years ago. Fortunately, even these ambiguous places have done a lot of growing up in recent years and can easily stand up to the prominent names in luxury travel.

Top 10 Luxury Destinations

  1. Kenya, Africa offers a welcome change from the popular luxury-style hotels and resorts by employing luxury “camps”, surrounded in nature and far from lacking in peace.
  2. Barbuda, Caribbean is one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the Caribbean, and with good reason - this out-of-the-way island is a haven for anyone seeking out a little rest and relaxation.
  3. Beijing, China may be bustling and chaotic, but with many luxury hotels and spas to stay at, you can escape the insanity and drown yourself in serenity.
  4. Davos, Switzerland is a popular spot for snow bunnies and avid skiers, but the cozy ski lodges create a perfect atmosphere for sabbatical and even a little romance.
  5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates is widely known for its world-renowned hotel, Burj Al Arab, and it certainly does deliver, but take a look around and you may be amazed to discover that Dubai has many other luxurious options.
  6. London, England seems like a city lost in time … back to the simple life of beautiful English gardens and pleasant locals, the many top hotels in the city are geared up to give you the luxury vacation you deserve.
  7. Paris, France doesn’t need much of an introduction, as its name is virtually a definition for romance, leisure, and opulence, and the various hotels and spas in the city justify that with ease.
  8. Singapore, Asia is a tangle of traditional and modern architecture and has been making great strides in becoming a one-stop destination for spa retreats.
  9. Sydney, Australia not only offers a wide selection of luxury, hotels, and resorts - it also has outback adventures that an get you out of the city and into the quietude of nature.
  10. Venice, Italy is a city founded on leisure, leaving it difficult for any traveller not to get caught up in the tranquility, from the conventional gondolas to modern spas and luxury hotels.

Before you plan your next luxury getaway, take a little time to look around and find some of the most overlooked and untarnished destinations. You may have your heart set on going to a trendy resort, but popularity comes with a price, and that luxury hotel may just prove to be a little more active than you were hoping for.

by Colleen Ludgate on 12/06/2013 in Hotels